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Phi Atratus
  • Jan 14, 2022
  • 6 min read
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With the emergence of digital media and its advantages outweighing those of traditional face-to-face therapy, online therapy has become a more popular choice among people. As more are now opting for online therapy, several online platforms have become available. More mental health professionals are offering their services and expertise online, and are joining forces with other professionals to enhance their network. 

Calmerry is one of the better-known platforms. While Calmerry may be a convenient option, DoMental can be an alternative to Calmerry. The question becomes: which therapy platform should you go for: Calmerry or DoMental? 

To make it convenient for you, we will be comparing the two online therapy platforms to answer this difficult yet crucial question. This article will compare the two on the basis of their pricing, services, and the quality of therapy being provided by both, making it easier for you to decide the most suitable option for you.  

Why Online Therapy to Begin With?

Online therapy has been found to be just as effective as in-person therapy. It allows you to have sessions at the comfort of your home or any other place that works for you, at any given time that’s convenient for you. It is generally more affordable than face-to-face therapy, as the therapist doesn't have to pay rent for an office.

Online therapy also provides the option of anonymity for people who don’t want their contact with a therapist to be discovered. This fear, which stems from the stigma that’s still pervasive in our society, stops a lot of people from seeking professional help. With online therapy, this fear is greatly diminished. 


The cost of therapy can stop people from getting psychological help. Online counseling offers more affordable pricing, as well as different plans to choose from. Calmerry’s prices and DoMental’s do differ, but so do their subscription plans. Calmerry’s pricing depends on the type of support you need, and DoMental’s on the amount of money you are willing to pay upfront. 

Both platforms allow the users to cancel their subscription anytime they want, which is a big point in the consumer’s favor. However, neither is covered by insurance.

In general, the cost of DoMental is lower than Calmerry’s cost.


DoMental provides monthly, quarterly, and biannual plans:

  • Monthly plan – $47/week
  • Quarterly plan – $39/week
  • Biannual plan – $29/week


In contrast, Calmerry’s subscription plans are all billed weekly but differ in the number of video sessions they offer, ranging from zero to four. Calmerry’s costs come in three possible plans:

  • Messaging plan – $42/week
  • Messaging + one live video plan – $75/week
  • Messaging + four live video plan – $90/week


Both Calmerry and DoMental offer a range of services tailored for each kind of therapy via multiple communication options. Both DoMental and Calmerry offer scheduled video sessions and allow their users to communicate with their therapist through text messaging, live chats, and audio calls. Text messaging can take place outside of the sessions as well.

As an alternative to Calmerry, DoMental offers weekly video sessions and unlimited text or audio messaging with a fast response rate. Specifically, you are guaranteed to receive at least two weekly messages from your therapist outside of the sessions.

Moreover, it also offers additional features such as cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets, a personalized visual therapy roadmap, guided meditations, a daily mood tracker, and a gratitude journal. These act as a supporting beam for your therapy and help you maintain your mental health balance.

Calmerry does have similar worksheets, but the similarities in additional features end there. 

Therapy Quality

The qualification of the therapists and the type of therapy they provide play an important role in deciding the best therapist for yourself. Calmerry and DoMental both have a professional team of licensed therapists with adequate knowledge in their relevant fields.

Looking into Calmerry, the therapists are qualified clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers with a Master’s or Doctoral degree in their field. They help address psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, emotional issues, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, Calmerry does not offer psychiatric services. 

On the other hand, DoMental, as an alternative to Calmerry, also provides experienced and qualified therapists but does not specify the level of their qualifications. The therapists deal with a number of mental issues, such as anxiety, depression, grief, sleep issues, anger issues, family issues, burnout, emotional abuse, substance abuse, and OCD, among many others.

Online Therapy Can Help You

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Getting Started

Once you’ve decided to start your therapy, getting started can be annoying. Especially when you want to get in touch with a therapist as soon as possible. Here’s how this process works on both Calmerry and DoMental.


The Calmerry therapy process starts with signing up and creating an account. Once you’ve created your account, you are required to complete a short questionnaire asking about the struggles you are currently experiencing and your expectations for the therapy.

After completing the questionnaire, a team member of Calmerry reviews your answers and matches you with a therapist. A summary is then shown to you, which shows your current emotional state and the improvements you can make with Calmerry online therapy within a few months.

At this point, you can select your Calmerry subscription plan, provide your payment information, and gain access to your private portal on Calmerry, where a therapist will reply to you within 24 hours.


The first step of starting with DoMental is choosing the type of counseling you’re looking for: individual, couples, or teen. Once selected, you are redirected to a short mental health questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks about your current mental health situation, the intensity and frequency of your symptoms, and the expectations you have for your therapist. 

After completing the questionnaire, DoMental redirects you to a page where you will be shown the number of people experiencing similar symptoms to yours. You will then be matched with your therapist within a few minutes, thanks to an AI matching algorithm.

At this point, you pick your subscription plan, sign up for an account, and either download the app on your mobile device or use the web app on DoMental’s website. 

How to Choose

Choosing the right kind of online therapy platform can be quite challenging. There’s Calmerry, but there are many possible alternatives to Calmerry as well.

Now that you know the costs, features, services, and limitations of both platforms, the choice of picking the one that’s right for you is solely yours. It is always best to look up some of DoMental’s and Calmerry’s reviews before making the final decision.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective therapy sessions and/or for the most responsive therapists outside of your sessions, DoMental is a good alternative to Calmerry. 

Whichever option you go for, at the end of the day, starting therapy is the most important.

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