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Human-to-human interaction

You can talk with your therapist via text and audio messages straight away, and they will do their best to reply to you within 2 hours on weekdays. Therapy takes time, and the beginning is about building the therapeutic relationship. To make it the most effective, we recommend talking with your therapist at least twice a week for a period of 2 months. The more you tell them about yourself, your life, and your struggles, the better they will understand you, help you set appropriate therapy goals, and guide and support you on your way to achieve them.

We’ll help you track your therapy progress

We know progress can sometimes feel abstract in therapy, and that can make it more challenging. Your personalized therapy roadmap will help visualize your journey, so that your next goal is always clear. Therapy is adaptable and fluid, so these goals can always be changed by your therapist as your personal therapy needs change.

Always have someone who understands

We believe in human-to-human empathic relationships, and are here to help. Your therapist wants to help you too, and will be there when you need them. Together, your journey will not be taken alone.