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Goda Brzozauskaite
  • Mar 15, 2022
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Mental health isn’t new. Understanding, acceptance, and effective treatment are. Now we can more easily access the necessary treatment.

The invention of online therapy means you don’t have to struggle to start your recovery journey. 

Online therapy can be more affordable and accessible than traditional therapy. But, it can be just as hard to find a therapy service that suits you. There are more options than ever before with the growth of online therapy. So, how can you be certain you are choosing the right one?

You deserve to be happy and healthy. Finding a therapist and therapy service that works for you will ensure you’re on the right path to feeling like yourself again. 

Brightside is a reputable online therapy provider that offers a host of services. DoMental is an excellent alternative to Brightside and worthwhile considering if you are looking for online therapy. Both are great options, but which is the one for you? 

We are comparing Brightside and DoMental to ensure you know what your options are and can decide which is the best for you. There is no right or wrong choice, but one may be more suitable for your needs than the other is.


Online therapy, particularly internet cognitive behavioral therapy, is estimated to be 50% more cost-effective than in-person treatment. You can get the same great results, for less.

While online therapy is mostly more affordable than traditional counseling, this does not mean that every internet service is equal. There can be huge gaps between the pricing of the most and least affordable services. 

Brightside cost as little as $45 a month for the first month and $95 every month after that. This payment plan is the Brightside pricing for their medication-only services. It may be best if you already have a therapist you are seeing and want to explore medication to boost your progress.

If you want to combine medication and therapy treatments, you are looking at paying $249 for the first month and $349 every month after that. The full Brightside telehealth therapy package is one of the more expensive online therapy options. They offer assistance from trained psychiatrists and can prescribe medication as needed. The higher rates of Brightside online therapy may be worth it if you have the money and need a psychiatrist who can prescribe medicine.

DoMental offers a much more affordable alternative to Brightside. Plans cost between $27 and $47 per month. You will have access to all of DoMental’s app functions no matter the program you choose. DoMental is often not covered by health insurance, but it is always best to check as your coverage may vary. 

You can choose from a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payment plan. DoMental will bill you $188 per month, $468 once every 3 months, or $696 once every 6 months. This works out as $47 per week for the monthly plan. $39 per week for the quarterly scheme. Or $29 per week for the bi-annual one. 

DoMental is made for you. It offers budget-friendly online therapy services and allows you to cancel your plan at any time, for any reason. So, if you do sign up for any of our health care services, you won’t be tied in. We understand that situations may change, and you don’t need a costly or inflexible counseling plan adding stress to your plate.


Prices are important, but so are services. 

Different online therapy providers offer different services. You should always check what services are available since the provider you like may not have the services you are looking for.

Both DoMental and Brightside online therapy offer support via texting, audio, and video features. You can have unlimited talk time with both counseling sites. DoMental guarantees at least 2 messages a day from your therapist, so you will never be alone.

With the Brightside app, you can choose from a range of therapy and medication services. They can offer diagnosis and send the prescription you need to be delivered straight to your door. You can opt for a treatment path that combines personalized therapy with FDA-approved medication. The Brightside reviews are overall positive, though some users have disliked the 30 minute limit on therapist talk time.

Both apps offer progress tracking options that allow you to see where you are and how you are improving. DoMental’s customized therapy roadmap lets you visualize your journey. Therapy is deeply personal, and sometimes it may feel like you aren’t making the progress you want. Seeing your path in a roadmap can help you see your advancements, even when your goals change.

As of now, neither online therapy service can treat those in emergencies of self-harm or suicidal feelings. DoMental is a great alternative to Brightside if you want therapy for eating disorders. It also offers support for depression, anxiety, OCD, grief, stress, and relationship counseling. The wide range of mental health services will help you find the support you need.

Therapy quality

As online therapy has grown, it is has become easier and easier to find high-quality therapists. Recent studies suggest that online counseling is proving to be as effective as traditional therapy. You no longer need to worry about finding a physical location. With online services like Brightside and DoMental, you can see reputable therapists without the hassle.

Brightside has both licensed therapists and qualified psychiatrists who can prescribe medication. All Brightside therapists must undergo a background check and are graduates of prominent US medical schools.

DoMental is an excellent alternative to Brightside. It offers fully licensed therapists who have appropriate academic backgrounds with experience in counseling. The combination of expertise and experience ensures a consistently positive experience for DoMental patients.

On average DoMental promises faster response times, with at least 2 responses a day guaranteed. Brightside therapy pledges to provide all of its clients with a response within 72 hours. It is a little slower but still offers much faster response rates when compared with traditional therapy.

Check out the Brightside or DoMental’s FAQs page for more information on the therapists available and therapy quality.


In general, signing up for online therapy is simple and fast.

Therapy should be available for all. Online counseling is helping to bridge the gap between what we need and what we can access when it comes to mental health support. A complicated or drawn-out sign-up process can act as a stumbling block. It can prevent those who are struggling from obtaining the help they need.

So, what is the onboarding process if you want to start online therapy?


To sign-up for Brightside therapy, you must first take a free mental health evaluation. You will answer clinically-proven questions that connect you with a personalized treatment plan.

Choose whether you want just medication, therapy, or a treatment plan that involves both. The Brightside app will set you up with a therapist within 48 hours for a more in-depth evaluation.

Your prescription will be delivered straight to your door for Brightside medication plans. And you will begin to make progress on your journey with therapy treatments.


DoMental is a brilliant alternative to Brightside. The first step in the DoMental process is to complete the mental health survey. 

Then you can see your health statistics and possible therapy goals. After that you can choose a treatment plan that suits you.

Next, download the app and get chatting. You can speak to your therapist via text, audio messages, or video calls. 

Finally, start making the progress you desire. Rediscover yourself in a safe and supportive environment.

The sooner you get help, the better. Early intervention is essential for the effective treatment of mental health disorders, especially for young people. 

Additional features:

The relationship between therapist and patient is the key to success. Without the right chemistry, it can be almost impossible to make the progress you’ve been dreaming of. Both Brightside and DoMental understand this. That is why both Brightside and DoMental online therapy services allow their patients to change therapists. Such flexibility ensures it is easy for everyone to find a therapist they trust. A strong and stable connection with your therapist will help you progress as you wish.

DoMental has some extra features not listed on the website. These include guided meditations and gratitude journals. You can also use a mood tracker that allows you to keep a closer eye on your activity levels, water consumption, screen time, and sleep. 

How to choose?

Your mental health should always come first. Whatever you decide, just remember that therapy is a personal journey, and there is no right or wrong way to start.

There are a few tips on how to choose a therapy provider that best suits your needs. First, know your price point. You don’t want the cost of therapy to be another thing that stresses you out. Also, consider the frequency and availability of support. And get to know what type of mental health difficulties a provider offers therapy for. Brightside and DoMental offer similar services but different specialties. 

See the Brightside website if you want a service that has both therapy and medication. Check out the Brightside reviews to find out if it suits you.

For a more affordable therapy alternative to Brightside, check out the DoMental website. You can sign up and get started today. The process is stress-free and will have you feeling like yourself again.

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